For representatives working at MacysInsite  and MyInsite, an online interface called MyInsite-Login is provided. It helps agents to obtain all essential information and determines the affiliation of the employees.


Employees can adjust their work hours, monitor weekly work hours, arrange a move, access Macy’s work hours, access benefits such as pensions, benefits, medical benefits, and more.


The Change Availability option can be used when you want to update the availability selection for a long-term need. Let’s say you want to volunteer every Thursday night. In this case, you can block this period and the system will not assign you a team on Thursday night.

  • To do this, go to the Options/Availability menu in My Planning Plus.
  • Then select the Availability option.
  • The third step is to select Change Availability to display the Availability window.
  • Then select the type of device you want for each day. Options include opening hours (open to closed), open shift (open 6:00 am), closed shift (6:00 am to close), other (after hours), and days off. License (every day).
  • If necessary, you can also update the default availability settings and availability for new periods.
  • Finally, click on Save

Availability must be determined when registering with the MSP for the first time. During the open enrollment period, you can adjust your availability twice a year.

Preferred Availability

Preferred availability is what can be used to select team preferences. Although there is no guarantee, it is always possible that your options will be considered and every effort will be made to comply with them.

Temporary Availability

You can use temporary availability if you want to limit or extend your availability for a certain period of time. For example, your current availability indicates that you won’t be available until 6:00 PM. Since Monday. A month later, you know that you will be available during this time and that, if possible, you would like to have more hours.